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The countdown to the HP Horses open day has begun.08-04-2018 - 18:26

We are extremely exited and currently with more than 350 signups we have sat the stage for an amazing day. The enthusiastic and competent Per Springborg will, as usual, take us through the program of the day. Dennis Fisker has taken the challenge of commenting on the shown young horses, while our dearest commentator will judge at the World Cup final in Paris.

This year’s program will for sure be filled with some of the best stallions in the ownership of HP Horses. We will experience Fürsten-Look, who have just won his debut in S-Dressage at a national competition in Germany, Total Hope, who will take the journey from Flyinge, De Angelo, Sansibar AK and Damon Gold.


As a tribute to the almighty Fürstenball we will present 3 outstanding sport mares, including the 5-year-old Deliza, who achieved a top ranking at the young horse championship in Herning and two times 10 from the test rider, Patric Kittel. The 7-year-old Grosse Freude, who have just arrived back from her debut on international junior level with 2 top rankings. At last, the 4-year-old HP Tiramisu, who is a promising prospect for the future.


We will also show some of the stud’s top mares under saddle, hereby A la Fasine, Emperadora, HP Elfenliebe, Dollar Girl, Best of Mount st. John and HP Elderflower.


Some of the stud’s other quality stallions and mares will be shown by hand.


Nevertheless, we would like to show some of this season’s foals after Vitalis and Fürstenball.


The show has additionally received big support from Danish Warmblood Region 1, Hestens Værn, KVL together with our collaborator of feed supplements, NAF.


The whole event will be livestreamed through Clipmyhorse.de, likewise the journalist from Horse2Rider, Charlotte Mogensen, will comment on English through Clipmyhorse.de.


We look forward to an amazing day with everybody interested.

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