HP Tanzanit (Total Hope x Vitalis x De Niro).

hoppestamme "Grosse Liebe"

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Sort. Født 2022. Vil måle ca. 172 som udvokset.

Total Hope Totilas Gribaldi
Weihegold Don SChufro
HP Viele Freude
Vitalis Sandro Hit
Contenance D
el. verb.
De Niro
el.st.pr.st. brilliantring
Grosse Klasse
Highly desirable son of the Burg Cup and Louisdor Prize winner as well as international Grand Prix winner Total Hope/Isabel Freese/NOR.
His dam HP Viele Freude is the half sister of the saddle licensing Champion Stallion Boreas FRF OLD (by Bordeaux), who is internationally victorious up to Inter I with Steffen Peters/USA. Her half sister Große Freude (by Fürstenball) is internationally victorious in young rider competitions with Maja Juul/DEN.

Pris kr. 125.000 + moms.